Master of Education (MEd) in Educational Leadership

The MEd specialisation in Educational Leadership provides students with the core skills and competence to conceptualise and lead 21st century schools in the rapidly changing context. This specialisation combines contemporary research and practice from relevant fields to prepare students to lead for-profit, non-profit, international and non-traditional educational organisations. It is designed for those who have leadership experience in educational organisations as well as those with an academic interest in studying educational leadership.

The specialisation draws on the expertise of EPL in educational leadership, education policy and teacher and school development. It reflects these important aspects valued by the Department, i.e. leadership and change, professionalism and quality, policy and social context and school collaboration with families and communities. Students will acquire a sophisticated understanding of organisational development, leadership theory, policy production, school evaluation and change management, while developing their critical thinking, research and leadership skills.

The MEd specialisation focuses on building professional capacity, positioning current and future leaders in relation to schools, education policy, communities and the larger society. The courses emphasise applying course content to real-world problems and issues, allowing students to acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge.

Upon completion of the MEd specialization, students should be able to:

  • Acquire substantial understandings about leading an effective school.
  • Apply relevant conceptual perspectives to diagnose and address leadership issues in educational settings.
  • Develop some research interest and abilities to understand, analyse and critique the effective practice of leadership in education.
  • Reflect on and challenge their own leadership practice as serving and aspiring leaders.

The specialisation explores and critiques educational leadership theory, research and practice and examines the context within which educational leaders enact their roles. The framework below spells out the relations of the six courses within the specialisation:


Dr. Trevor Lee


General information of MEd Programmes:



EPA 6094 Organisational Dynamics
EPA 6095 Effective Educational Leadership
EPA 6098 School, Family and Community Collaboration
EDA 6122 School Evaluation and Improvement
EDA 6123 Leading School-based Teacher Learning
*EDA 6124 Policy Planning and Change in Education

* The course is subject to approval.