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Congratulations to Dr Maxwell Ho in winning a Teaching Development Grant (TDG)


Dr Maxwell Ho won a Teaching Development Grant (TDG) of HK$400,000, funded by the Learning and Teaching Quality Committee (LTQC) of The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK). The grant is for an 18-month project entitled "Inspiring future edupreneurs to seize educational entrepreneurship opportunities in the Greater Bay Area: Virtual teaching and learning platform”.

The project aims to promote educational entrepreneurship in the context of the GBA to both non-BEd and BEd students. As the virtual teaching and learning (VTL) platform is an effective channel for advancing teaching and learning (including self-assessments) to promote educational entrepreneurship, the project proposes the following objectives:

PO1. Enhance instructors’ pedagogical competencies in mastering the VTL platform.

PO2. Evaluate the effectiveness of teaching and learning (including self-assessments) of using the VTL platform.

And use the VTL platform to:

PO3. Nurture students’ educational entrepreneurship in terms of their knowledge, self-efficacy, and intentions.

PO4. Enrich students’ understanding of the educational opportunities in the GBA.

PO5. Help students to reflect on edupreneurs’ roles in grasping educational opportunities following the development of the GBA.

PO6. Enhance students’ competence in creating a virtual learning environment.

PO7. Evaluate students’ educational entrepreneurship skills and study their reflections on their edupreneur roles in the GBA.