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Prof CHOW Cheuk Fai Stephen
T: 2948 7671
O: D3-1/F-33
Professor (Practice); Director of Knowledge Transfer
Academic Profile

BSc, PhD (CityU HK)

Research Interests
  • C-H and C-C Activation and Oxidation of Plastic Polymers
  • Indicator/Catalyst Displacement Assay – Molecular Sensors/Catalysis for Biological, Environmental and Food Contaminant Monitoring
  • Bimetallic Complexes: MD-Bridge-MA [MD = Fe(II), Ru(II), Os(II), Re(I); Bridge = CN, N3, NCS, NCSe; MA = Fe(II), Fe(III), Ni(II), Cu(II),  Zn(II), Pt(II), and Ln(III)].
  • Smart Materials – Molecular Imprinting Polymers, Supramolecular Polymers, Dynamic Polymers
  • Environmental Education
Teaching Areas
  • Chemistry Principles
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Domestic Chemistry
  • Municipal Solid Waste Management
Profile Detail