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Dr CHOW Cheuk Fai Stephen - Molecular Engineering of Rhenium(I) based Bimetallic Complexes as for the Development of Dual Color and Luminescent Molecular Probes
Chief Investigator:

Dr CHOW Cheuk Fai Stephen

Project Year:



Our objectives in this project are to (i) design, synthesize and characterize of a series of new Re(I) based BmDAEs; (ii) study their chemodosimetric properties towards various kinds of BVCs such as sulfides, amines, carboxylic acids and phenols; (iii) analyze their applicability towards real food samples. At present, there are no similar chemodosimetric materials available for detecting the freshness of foods. Also, to date, a systematic design of Re(I) based bimetallic complexes as molecular probes has not been realized. This concept of in-situ monitoring of food quality in foods is completely new. Our dosimetric materials will be useful to the food industry and can be applied to the expiry labels for food packages.