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Dr. LI Wai Chin - Effect of genotypes, ROL and water regimes on accumulation, tolerance and speciation of Cd by rice
Chief Investigator:

Dr. LI Wai Chin

Project Year:



(1) investigation of effects of ROL and external oxygen supply on Fe plaque formation and Cd accumulation among rice genotypes; (2) investigation of effects of ROL on changes of pH, Fe plaque formation on root surfaces and in the rhizosphere, concentration of Cd and Mn in different parts of rice and in rhizosphere soil, and the speciation of Cd in rhizosphere soil via a rhizobox trial; and (3) elucidation of effects of water regimes and organic amendments on Cd speciation and accumulation in rice in Cd-contaminated paddy soil as well as the sustainable mitigation of Cd accumulation in rice