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Recruiting EdU Ecogarden Farmer and Biodiversity Surveyor 2022-2023

Recruiting EdU Ecogarden Farmer and Biodiversity Surveyor 2022-2023


Background 背景

The EdU Ecogarden Farmer (former IEd Farmers) and Biodiversity Surveyor Team was established in 2016, consisting of EdU students and staff from various programs and different departments. 



Objective 目的

To enhance the knowledge level of participants on managing Ecogarden, organic farming, biodiversity survey and environmental research, so as to raise the participants’ awareness on ecological balance, sustainable development of the community. 



Facilities in EcoGarden 生態園設施

Organic farmland, aquaponics system, butterfly garden, solar panel, vertical turbine, rainwater harvesting system, terrace and artificial wetland



Activity included 活動包括

Training 培訓
  1. Organic farming skills 有機耕種技巧

  2. Aquaponics system setup and management 魚菜共生系統管理

  3. Basic ecological survey skills 基本生態調查技巧

  4. Identification of common wildlife 鑑定常見的野生動植物

  5. Docent skills 導賞技巧

  6. Environmental research 環境研究

Practice 實踐
  1. General management of Eco-garden 生態園管理

  2. Farming activities 耕種活動

  3. Management of aquaponic system 魚菜共生系統管理

  4. Campus biodiversity survey 生態調查

  5. Docent service and education activities 導賞服務和教育活動(e.g. Eco-garden-based program for SEN students 以生態園爲本的SEN課程, visits from local schools 學校參觀)

  6. Promotional activities to EdU staff and students 推廣活動 (e.g. Indoor plant workshop 室内種植工作坊, Nature contact activity 大自然接觸活動)

  7. Environmental monitoring & constructed wetland operation 環境監測和人工濕地運作

This program will be included in the Experiential Learning and Achievements Transcript (ELAT) system. Certificates will be issued to participants who have completed 30 hours of practice. 本活動會納入學校ELAT系統,畢業時可於成績單看到你的參與。完成30小時的實踐活動後, 將可獲發證書。


Application 申請

All undergraduate students interested are welcome to join. For enrolment, please fill

out the online registration form. The deadline for the application is on 22 September 2022 by 11:00 a.m. 歡迎所有本科生參加,如有興趣,請於網上報名。截止報名日期為2022年9月22日早上11時。


Interview 面試

All applicants will need to attend an online interview on 26 September or 27 September. Applicants will be notified about the arrangement of the interview by email by 23 September. 



*Remark 備註*

All successful applicants should attend the Kick-off on 30 September 10:30-12:30 .



Should you have any enquiries, please contact Miss. Chan Ho San on 2948 8388 or by

如有任何查詢,煩請與陳可善小姐聯絡(電話: 2948 8388; 電郵, 謝謝。


22 Sep 2022
+2948 8388