Chapter 4.6 Equal Opportunities Policy (Zero Tolerance for Sexual Harassment and other Discrimination)

1 The University is committed to promoting diversity and equal opportunities in academic pursuit and employment, and to eliminating any form of discrimination or harassment against staff, students, and other persons who have dealings with the University. Everyone, irrespective of their race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, has the right to be respected and be treated fairly. Mutual respect and fair treatment are conducive to the creation of diverse and harmonious learning and working environment.
2 Under the anti-discrimination ordinances in Hong Kong, namely the Sex Discrimination Ordinance, the Disability Discrimination Ordinance, the Family Status Discrimination Ordinance and the Race Discrimination Ordinance, the following discriminatory acts are unlawful:
(a) Sexual harassment
(b) Sex discrimination
(c) Marital status discrimination
(d) Pregnancy discrimination
(e) Breastfeeding discrimination and harassment
(f) Disability discrimination, harassment and vilification
(g) Family status discrimination
(h) Racial discrimination, harassment and vilification; and
(i) Victimisation
3 The University has zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment. All complaints of discriminatory acts will be handled with due care, utmost sensitivity and confidentiality. For alleged discriminatory acts under the four anti-discrimination ordinances and sexual orientation harassment, the complaint procedures under the Policy will be used to handle the cases. For other alleged discrimination or harassment acts (for example, discrimination on the ground of age, religion, nationality, social origin and political inclination) and bullying, the staff/student grievance procedures will be followed.
4 Any staff member or student who is found to have contravened the Policy may be subject to disciplinary action. Where appropriate, the University may refer the matter to the law enforcement agencies.
5 To build an equal opportunities campus free from discrimination and harassment, each of you have a unique and essential role.

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