Chapter 4.8 EdU Card Users' Guide


1. EdU Card for Students (the "Card")

EdU Cards are issued to staff, students and campus users. All registered students of this University are issued with an EdU Card for the purpose of identification and physical access. Students are advised to read this Guide to take note of some important issues relating to the Card.
1.1 Identification
The Card serves as a student identity card and therefore, each student will be issued only one Card. The front of the Card displays the student's photograph, name (English and Chinese), student number, level of study (except exchange students, visiting students and elderly students), mode of study, programme code and the valid date of the Student Card.
1.2 Usage
The Card enables you to access the University’s facilities, including the library, the Learning Commons, Amenities and Sports Complex, university shuttle service, and hostels (residents only). Students need to present the card to borrow equipment, such as notebook computers and AV devices, from the IT Help Desk. You can start using the Card for these functions within the University normally on the next working day (excluding weekends) after you have received your Card.

2. Card Expiry

The Card expires in August of the final year of the programmes. For programmes, which end in Semester 1, or other short programmes, the expiry date is one month after the respective Board of Examiners meetings.

3. Card Return

You must return your Card to the Registry or its Student Records Service Desk at Information Centre when you cease to be a registered student of the University. You must also return the defective or damaged card when you apply for a replacement.

4. Card Charges

4.1 First Time Issue of Cards:
First time issue of Cards is free of charge.
4.2 Replacement Cards:
There may be a charge of $100 for a replacement card. Please see details under "Card Replacement" below.

5. Card Replacement

5.1 Standard Procedure
OCIO is responsible for card printing. If you need a replacement card within your period of study at the University, you are required to complete and submit an application form and, if applicable, pay a card replacement fee at a bank with a pay-in slip to the Student Records Service Desk of Information Centre on the ground floor of the Cho Kwai Chee Foundation Building (A-G/F-11). The application form is available at the Student Records Service Desk of Information Centre or online at the website ( OCIO (the card printing office) will inform you when the replacement card is ready for collection.
Defective or damaged cards must be returned to IT Help Desk and these will be destroyed prior to the issue of new cards. If you have problems using your card, you should approach IT Help Desk at C-LP-20 in Tai Po Campus or Room G01 in Tseung Kwan O Study Centre.
5.2 Lost Card
If you have lost your Card, you should report it immediately to the Student Records Service Desk of Information Centre in person or by phone at 2948 6177 and apply for a replacement card. A replacement cost of HK$100 will be charged.
5.3 Defective/Damaged Card
If you have problems using the Card for any University services, you should approach the office offering the services concerned to check access rights. If they are in order, you may approach IT Help Desk at C-LP-20 to check if the Card is defective. The IT Help Desk will replace the card for free if the defect is found to be a result of normal wear and tear. A replacement cost of HK$100 will be charged if the Card has been damaged due to unreasonable or improper use.

6. Card Inquiries

Students should approach the Student Records Service Desk of Information Centre for matters related to the EdU Card or offices that provide the service (e.g. library for denial of access).
Useful locations and numbers:
Office Location Telephone
Information Centre
(Student Records Service Desk)
A-G/F-11 2948 6177
IT Help Desk C-LP-20 2948 6601
Mong Man Wai Library C-G/F 2948 6653
Amenities and Sports Complex E-LP2-16 2948 8844
EdU Card Enquiries —— 2948 7500

7. Card Care and Card Regulations

Your EdU Card can serve you well if you handle it with care. You should keep it away from magnetic field. Do not flip, flap or fold the Card and avoid scratching the surface of the Card.
A set of common regulations for cardholders (applicable to students, staff and campus users) is appended to this Guide.

8. EdU Card Regulations

8.1 The EdU Card shall only be used by the cardholder and is not transferable. Misuse or falsification of the card constitutes a major offence and is subject to disciplinary action.
8.2 Once issued, the EdU Card is the personal identification document as well as an access mechanism. A staff member of the University, in the execution of duty, may request the cardholder to produce the EdU Card for verification of status.
8.3 When a cardholder leaves the University through withdrawal, graduation, termination, expiry of membership, or other circumstances, the EdU Card should be returned to the relevant office (Registry, Human Resources Office or Library).
8.4 Any consequence arising from the loss of the EdU Card will be solely the responsibility of the cardholder. The University accepts no liability whatsoever.
8.5 The University may charge a fee for replacement cards.
8.6 The University reserves the right to change the regulations and terms concerning the operation of the EdU Card at any time without prior notice. Cardholders will be informed of any changes via the University’s communication channels.