Award Certificates

You are required to settle all outstanding fees/charges/library liabilities before collecting your academic dress (if applicable) and/award certificate. Otherwise, the University will withhold the issuance of all types of academic documents to you (including award certificates and transcripts).

The following table illustrates the Certificates Collection Period for graduands with the respective graduation dates:

Students graduating by the end of

Date/Period of Approval by Academic Board

Graduation Date*         Certificates Collection Period

Semester 1@

By March 31 March Late April to Early May Note

Semester 2#

By August 31 August October

Summer Semester^

By October 31 October December

@ PhD, EdD, MPhil and Taught Postgraduate Programmes only.

All programmes, except the Certificate for Professional Development Programmes for which the issuance date of award certificates is the date of approval by AB.

^ All programmes, only applicable for programmes with a lengthened Semester 2 extending to the summer (e.g. 2-year HD(KG), MSScPSY(SCS) and some individual students who have outstanding courses for completion in Summer Semester in order to graduate.

* Adopted as the issuance date for printing in award certificate.

Note: The respective Faculty/Department/School will inform graduates of the details of the arrangement of certificates collection within 4-6 weeks after the graduation date (31 March).