Credit Transfer Application for GEE1003

Credit transfer for the 4cps GEE1003 'General Education Foundation Course' may be granted according to the following conditions: 

1. Previously completed GEE1002 'General Education Foundation Course' (3cps) at EdUHK with a final grade D or above in 2018/19 or before.

2. Students will have to attend the classes of GEE1003 in Semester 1 and comply with the standard attendance requirement of the General Education courses and achieve a minimum attendance requirement of 80% in Semester 1.

3. Students will have to complete the assessment tasks in Semester 1, in the form of e-Learning activities, for each of the face-to-face mass lectures and video lectures in the skill-based course, with satisfactory performances.


Application Details:

  • Application of credit transfer of GEE1003 should reach Registry by 31 August of each year. Any application made after 1 September of each year will NOT be considered in that academic year.
  • After reviewing the applicants’ performances and results in the skill-based course of GEE1003 in Semester 1, General Education Office (GEO) will confirm the final results of the credit-transfer applications with Registry by the end of Semester 1.
  • After the successful credit transfer of GEE1003 in Semester 1 (announced by Registry), the students will not be required to continue taking the course in Semester 2.