Award Certificates

You must to settle all outstanding fees/charges/library liabilities before collecting your academic dress (if applicable) and/or award certificate. Otherwise, the University will withhold the issuance of all types of academic documents to you (including Statement of Results, Award Certificates and Transcripts).
The following table illustrates the dates of receiving the Statement of Results and Certificates Collection Period for graduates with the respective graduation dates:
Students graduating by the end of Date/Period of Approval by Academic Board (AB) Graduation DateNote3 Date of receiving
Statement of Results (SoR)Note6
Collection Period
Semester 1 By March 31 MarchNote3, 4 By end of MarchNote7 Late April to Early MayNote4,9
Semester 2Note1 By August 31 AugustNote3, 5 May schedule:Note8
By end of June
June schedule:Note8
By end of July
Summer SemesterNote2 By October 31 OctoberNote3, 5 By mid-October DecemberNote10
1. All programmes, except the Certificate in Professional Development Programmes, for which the issuance date of award certificates is the date of approval by Academic Board (AB).
2. All programmes, only applicable for programmes with a lengthened Semester 2 extending to the summer (e.g. 2-year HD(KG), MSScPSY(SCS) and some individual students who have outstanding courses for completion in Summer Semester to graduate.
3. The “Graduation Date” would be adopted formally as the issuance date and printed in the graduates’ award certificates. The Graduation Date as approved by AB, is irreversible and irrevocable. Request on any alternation of Graduation Date will not be entertained.*
4. Applicable to graduates of PhD, EdD, MPhil (RPg), and Taught Postgraduate (TPg) Programmes (except PGDE) only.
5. For TPg (except PGDE) students graduating by the end of Semester II, your declaration of Graduation Date (either ‘31 August’ or ‘31 October’) according to your academic/ career goals is arranged by your programme during a stipulated period (normally from May to June).  Once your preference for the Graduation Date is accepted or when the declaration period (normally from May to June) is ended, the approved Graduation Date is irreversible and irrevocable and will be printed on your award certificate accordingly.* For students who do not express their preference during the declaration period, the Graduation Date will be set according to their graduation semester, i.e. "31 August" for Semester II graduates and "31 October" for Summer Semester graduates. For any questions on the graduation schedule or programme/ academic advising needs, please approach your programme office/ department for assistance. Kindly note that any late reply on declaration of Graduation Date after the stipulated period will not be entertained.
6. The dates listed above are based on the dates/periods by which the AB would approve the recommended graduation list for respective programmes submitted by the Faculty Board/Board of Graduate Studies according to the Grade Release Schedule announced on the Registry website.  Individual students whose graduation is to be approved by AB on a date later than the one announced would not receive the SoR by the date listed above. 
7. Students of PGDE, Undergraduate and Sub Degree programmes who graduate in Semester 1 will remain to have 31 August as the Graduation Date, and the collection period of certificates will remain to be within October.
8. Please refer to the Grade Release Schedule announced on the Registry website for the corresponding schedule of your programme.
9. Announcement of the details of the arrangement of certificate collection will usually be made by the respective Faculty/Department/School within 4-6 weeks after the graduation date (i.e. 31 March).
10. Announcement of collection period of certificates will usually be made by Registry within 4-6 weeks after the graduation date (i.e. 31 August and 31 October) separately. 

*Example: A graduate who has declared 31 August as his/her Graduation Date is not allowed to change it to 31 March or 31 October. Similarly, a graduate who has declared 31 October as his/her Graduation Date is not allowed to change it to 31 March or 31 August.
Last Update: Jun 2022