Opt-out from using ACVP

To facilitate the administrative work on issuance your credentials to ACVP, graduates could have a one-off arrangement to pre “OPT-OUT” from the service in advance. For those who WANT TO OPT-OUT from this service in advance, you are required to indicate your decision by completing the below from 1st to 12th November 2023 (both dates inclusive) for graduates of 2022/23 only. Please note that you may still be allowed to revoke your decision before the stipulated deadline, however, once the declaration period is over your decision will be recorded, and it will be non-reversible and non-revocable. 
In future, besides this one-off pre “Opt-out” arrangement, you may still Deactivate the service via the ACVP platform after 15 January 2024, anytime whenever needed. However, once you Deactivate from the service, all the credentials will be removed and it is non-reversible and non-revocable. Please be reminded that once you choose to “Opt-out” or Deactivate the service from using ACVP, no reversible or revocable request to the University will be entertained. Your un-uploaded or removed credential(s) will not be able to be re-uploaded again. Thus, you are to be reminded to think carefully before executing the Opt-out or Deactivate decision.
Online form for OPT-OUT decision from using ACVP
(Avaliable from 1 November 2023)
You are reminded that once you have submitted the OPT-OUT decision the arrangement is non-reversible and non-revocable.