Arriving EdUHK

Arriving EdUHK


Please upload the following documents online when requested: 

  • Visa Landing Slip

Points to note: 

  • Check-in in student hostel and settle the hall fee
  • Open a bank account in Hong Kong (if necessary).
  • Apply for a Hong Kong ID card in the Immigration Department (if you are staying over 180 days).

*Office hours of GAO: Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:20 pm. Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.  

Hall Check-in

Student buddies will support exchange students for the hall check-in procedures if they arrive campus on specific dates. Detailed information on the Hall Check-in Arrangement could be found on the Student Hostel Website. You are required to pay the first installment of hall fee on the day you check-in, or within five working days AFTER you check-in.


GAO offers customised orientation activities and sharings before the semester begins to help exchange students learn more about EdUHK, Hong Kong, local languages and adjust to the new living environment. Students are strongly encouraged to join these activities and form their new social circles.



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