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Leadership & Service Learning

The University attaches high importance to nurture caring leaders with social commitment and global awareness. By taking part in “Leadership & Service Learning Programmes”, students are equipped with leadership ability and generic skills. Through joining local and overseas community service projects, students’ sense of social responsibility is enhanced.

CHEN Liming, BA in Language Studies and BEd (English Language)

(Co-terminal Double Degree),

Wofoo Leaders’ Network – Thailand Mae Sot Study and Service Tour

  • Thailand
Leadership & Service Learning - CHEN Liming

Participating in this programme was my most profound and unforgettable memory of 2018. Through the Wofoo Leader's Network, I travelled to Mae Sot, a border town in Thailand which is home for many refugees from Myanmar. One week there I established a 'revolutionary friendship' with my teammates and made a substantial contribution to the local school. We constructed and decorated Heavenly Home Orphanage and Muditar Primary School together. Fortunately, we have the opportunity to visit refugee camps and talk to the people who live there. My takeaway from this journey is that unless you have seen or contacted the refugees in person, you have no right to label them.


PO Ho Lam, BEd (English Language), International Service Leadership Programme

  • Ethiopia
Leadership & Service Learning - PO Ho Lam

In 2017, 11 of us visited Ethiopia to understand the issue of refugee and humanitarian. Our team had visited different organisation to get a full picture of those issues. We had met refugees at JRS, a local refugee community centre. They are so sincere and friendly. They are so keen to learn more and they are just like friends of mine. We learned a lot from their story and by playing with them. Our team also visited a local university, Addis Ababa University, to discuss those issues and exchange our culture.


LO Weng Tat, BA in Language Studies and BEd (English Language)

(Co-terminal Double Degree),

Leadership Enhancement and Development Programme

  • Sri Lanka
Leadership & Service Learning - LO Weng Tat

I was recruited in LEAD (Leadership Enhancement and Development) Programme which enhanced my visible leadership skill and cultural competency in Sri Lanka. Teaching village children also deeply influenced my perspectives on education internationally – the importance and value of education for children.