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Faculty of Humanities

Coordinated by the Student Affairs Office (SAO), the “Career Development Internship Programme (CDIP)” provides precious opportunities for students to serve as summer interns at various organisations in different parts of the world. These include Africa, Australia, Beijing, Brunei, Cambodia, Chile, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, The Philippines, Poland, Russia, Shanghai, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, The UK, The USA and Vietnam, etc. Some common tasks that interns perform include translation, research, data analysis, marketing, event organizing and implementation, environmental and wildlife conservation, social services, copywriting, project co-ordination and customer service etc.


Apart from SAO, the Faculty of Humanities (FHM) is also dedicated to provide internship opportunities on language-related areas to the students of Bachelor of Arts in Language Studies.


BU Yun Chelsea, CHAN Siu Ting Kingsley, LAM Sze Wing Eileen,
BA in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

  • Spain
internship - BU Yun Chelsea, LAM Sze Wing Eileen

During this 10-week internship, we have met a bunch of lovely kids and sincere friends on this foreign but enthusiastic soil. It was a challenging duty but also interesting and rewarding. We have learned much about the daily life and communication of Spain-born Chinese students from everyday interaction. It helped us fine-tune our teaching plan to cater for their specific learning needs by applying the theories we have learned to first-hand teaching.


LAM Yu Hang, BEd (Chinese History)

  • Beijing, China
internship - LAM Yu Hang



TANG Lok Yiu Crystal, BA in Language Studies

  • Hong Kong

I was very grateful to be able to apply the language skills learnt from the programme to translate commercial documents, write book recommendations, and prepare some cultural activities to promote the company, while working as a marketing intern at The Commercial Press (HK) Ltd.


NG So Sum Suzanne, BA in Language Studies

  • Shanghai, China
internship - NG So Sum Suzanne

I was very proud to apply the language skills learnt from the programme to write government documents and prepare a roving exhibition to promote Hong Kong, while working as an intern at the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Shanghai (SHETO).


KEE Mo Shan Janice, BA in Language Studies

  • Hong Kong
internship - KEE Mo Shan Janice

I am thankful that, during my internship, I had a considerate supervisor, helpful colleagues and cooperative interviewees, which made everything happened in these two months unforgettable and fruitful.


LO Yin Yung Rita, BA in Language Studies

  • Shanghai, China
internship - LO Yin Yung Rita

This internship served as a good stepping stone for my future career path. It has definitely given me a taste of working in the field, which will influence my future and help make me a better person.


YANG Fuling, BA in Language Studies

  • Hong Kong
intership - YANG Fuling

The internship experience at China Daily gave me an overall understanding of the news industry and helped me know more about myself.


CHEUNG Hei Tung, BEd (Chinese Language)

  • Hong Kong
internship - CHEUNG Hei Tung



LO Weng Tat,
BA in Language Studies and BEd (English Language) (Co-terminal Double Degree)

  • UK
internship - LO Weng Tat

My internship in UK as one of the chief coordinators for a series of official celebrations of the 20th anniversary of HKSAR establishment had been a tall order yet an eyeopening experience developing my open attitudes in workplace and cultural diversity.