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FEHD professor shares insights of expanding access to higher education through AI at the UNESCO conference


Prof Lim Cher Ping, FEHD Associate Dean (International Engagement) and Chair Professor of Learning Technologies and Innovation, delivered a keynote speech at an international conference organised by the UNESCO Institute of Lifelong Learning (UIL) and Shanghai Open University (SoU) in Shanghai in October 2023.

In his captivating speech titled “Inclusive and Equitable Quality Higher Education Enabled by Digital Technologies: Building the Capacity of Teachers and Leaders”, Prof Lim shared his extensive experience and valuable insights into how digital technologies enhance inclusive and equitable higher education and lifelong learning for students and staff. He highlighted the pivotal role of university teachers and leaders, emphasising the importance of equipping them with the necessary competencies to effectively use digital technologies for equity, quality, and efficiency in higher education.

Prof Lim stated, “The use of digital and emerging technologies not only facilitates wider access to quality higher education for students, impacting learning engagement, curriculum, and assessment, but also enables continuous professional development for the higher education workforce. In this ever-evolving world, especially with the presence of generative AI, it is vital for teachers and leaders in universities to reconceptualise digital learning and see generative AI as a student-driven learning tool”.

The conference, titled “International Conference on Promoting Lifelong Learning in Higher Education – From Institutional Strategies to Practical Implementation”, attracted about 300 participants from 35 countries, including academics, university leaders, higher education policy experts from international and regional organisations, and senior government higher education officials.

Prof Lim illustrated the application of digital technologies in the professional development of teachers by showcasing his award-winning project with the World Bank, partner universities, and the Directorate General of Higher Education in Cambodia. This project demonstrates the successful integration of technology to enhance teachers’ skills. The FEHD will remain committed to supporting knowledge transfer and capacity building initiatives aimed at elevating the inclusive and equitable quality of higher education to the NEXT LEVEL.