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FEHD launches Distinguished Visiting Professors Lecture Series 2023


This month saw the launch of FEHD’s Distinguished Visiting Professors (DVP) Series 2023. Born out of the frustration of COVID lockdowns and travel restrictions in 2021, the series aims to link the Hong Kong education community with internationally recognised experts to encourage thought-provoking conversations and ideas. 

This year, Professor Ronald Barnett, Emeritus Professor of Higher Education at University College London (UCL) Institute of Education, kicked off the series with his lecture, Realising the Ecological University: A Feasible Utopia.

The hybrid event attracted more than a hundred people, both from Asia and beyond. In the lecture, Professor Barnett explored how ecological universities can use their responsibilities to help shape a better world.

“Each university has its own ecological profile and has its own possibilities,” said the Professor. “We need to be imaginative and discern our responsibilities in the world in order to repair the world.”

Following the lecture, a panel of local academics discussed the responsibility, inclusivity, and development of the university. The panel includes:

  • Professor Anatoly Oleksiyenko, Professor, EdUHK
  • Dr Jisun Jung, Assistant Professor, HKU
  • Dr Tina Gao, Associate Professor, EdUHK
  • Dr Hayes Tang, Assistant Professor, EdUHK

Professor Barnett also held several open seminars to discuss the philosophy of education, the idea of being an academic, and theses. 

The next lecture will be held in June. To learn more about the series and watch the past lectures, please click here.