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SEC's Ms Esther Kwok wins FEHD Caring Teacher Award 2021/22


SEC's Ms Kwok Yee Tak Esther was announced the winner of the 2021/22 FEHD Caring Teacher Award. 

Ms Kwok was awarded for her use of Life, Positive, and Values Education (LPVE) in her programmes and projects. These elements help to support and cultivate students and pre-service teachers. She has also connected local and international channels for the knowledge transfer of LPVE.

“I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the recognition of the collective compassion and wisdom that connect us,” said Ms Kwok.  “We are so blessed to be cultivated by respectful teachers, including students, parents, ancestor-teachers, and all beings to form and transform each other as a wholesome globe. While there is pain and suffering, there has also been love and kindness outpouring to support one another. We all have a noble and graceful role in sustaining joy and well-being with deeper connections with life. May all be well.”

The awardees of the Certificate of Merit included:

  • Dr Chen Junjun, EPL
  • Dr Wilbert Law, PS/CPH
  • Prof Sin Kuen Fung Kenneth, SEC
  • Dr Christian Gube J., Dr Miron Bhowmik, Ms Chan Ngok Cheng, Prof Kerry Kennedy, Dr Lee Daphnee Hui Lin (Team)

All of the awardees represented the best of the Faculty in providing pastoral care to students and professional leadership in LPVE.

The FEHD Caring Teacher Award was launched last year to demonstrate the Faculty’s commitment to LPVE and is administered by the Centre for Religious and Spirituality Education.

As this Award illustrates, FEHD aims to nurture intellectually active and socially caring educators. We seek to promote positive values in the communities that we serve and take LPVE to the NEXT LEVEL.