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FEHD launches Distinguished Visiting Professors Lecture Series 2022


FEHD will host a series of lectures from some of the world's most distinguished academics this month when it hosts The Distinguished Visiting Professors Online Series 2022.

The series will see top scholars explore topics in racial classification, cross-cultural professional development for early childhood educators, the sciences of active learning, as well as the role of educational leadership in future education. 

Professor Michael Omi, Professor Emeritus of the University of California, Berkeley kicks off the series with his lecture, Who Are You?:  The Dilemmas of Racial Classification.

The lecture explores the attempt by states and institutions to categorize people by race, and how this is often fraught with confusion contradiction and unintended consequences. 

The lecture is followed by a discussion of how his ideas might translate to community engagement, government policy, and education in Hong Kong and Asia today. 

The panel discusses the discrepancy between the racial classification of the government and society in Hong Kong, and compares different approaches to policy in Singapore and Hong Kong.

The panel includes:

  • Professor Hue Ming Tak, Professor, EdUHK
  • Dr Daphnee Lee, Associate Professor, EdUHK 
  • Dr Jan Gube, Assistant Professor, EdUHK
  • Ms Phyllis Cheung, Executive Director, Hong Kong Unison

The next lecture will be released in May. To learn more about the series and watch the past lectures, please click here.