Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching
Volume 2 Issue 2 December, 2001

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Educational activities on General Studies triggered by the ancient Chinese astronomy exhibition

[ Full Text in English ] [Full Text in Chinese ] Chee-kuen YIP


Academic Articles  
The assessment of interdisciplinary tasks - implications from the constructivist view of learning

[ Full Text in Chinese ] [English Abstract ] May Hung CHENG and Wing Mui SO

Describing and supporting effective science teaching and learning in Australian schools - validation issues

[ Full Text in English ] Russell TYTLER

Developing scientific literacy for student teachers through active learning

[ Full Text in Chinese ] [English Abstract ] Wing Mui SO and May Hung CHENG

Enhancing creativity of elementary science teachers - a preliminary study

[ Full Text in English ] [Chinese Abstract ] Vivian Mo-yin CHENG


General Articles and Multimedia Resources
The implementation of group work in Hong Kong: A case study

[ Full Text in English ] [Chinese Abstract ] Simmi Ho-yan TAM

The dominant position of the Northeast Normal University in the environmental education in China

[ Full Text in Chinese ] [English Abstract ] Jingling LIU and Eric TSANG

Making apparatus for demonstrating breathing mechanism and smoking process

[ Full Text in Chinese ] [English Abstract ] Man-tak CHAN (Ed.)

An innovative teaching practice: Scientific investigation as a creative teaching method in primary education

[ Full Text in Chinese ] [English Abstract ] Alex Wing-cheung TSE

Group work in science learning - international scenarios and implications for teaching and learning in Hong Kong

[ Full Text in English ] Teresa T S WONG


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