Innovation & Technology Fund (iTech Fund)

As technology drives innovation and knowledge transfer (KT) advancement, KT Sub-office of The Education University of Hong Kong launches a new round of the EdUHK “Innovation & Technology Fund” (iTech Fund) scheme to support the academic/teaching staff to transfer idea (research results) into reality (technological inventions).
The KT Sub-office will select the funded projects to showcase in international exhibitions, tradeshows, competitions, conferences and/or any other KT activities arranged.  The funding ceiling for each application is HK$200,000.
The scheme is for the production of technological models and demonstrations of EdUHK innovations.
Examples of what iTech Fund supports:
  • Development of mobile app/computer program/games with AI, AR, VR, 5G, big data, block-chain, and edu-tech-related elements to illustrate and demonstrate the original research output
  • Production of technological demonstration/display/models of innovations

Application Deadline

28 January 2022 (Friday)



Mr Lemon Kwan
Tel: 2948 8158