Licensing at EdUHK

EdUHK is committed to its “Education-plus” approach and extends the impact of its research and development beyond mainstream teaching and learning.  Education technology, education innovation, and social innovation are the strategic foci of KT at EdUHK.  EdUHK grants license to commercialise or productise our IP to educational business entities.  The active licenses include educational technology solutions, educational toys, healthcare technology, and pedagogical innovations.

Procedures for Licensing of EdUHK Intellectual Properties

The University is dedicated to transferring our novel research knowledge, expertise, and experience to impact society positively.  Licensing of intellectual properties is one of the means to benefit the community at large by allowing the sharing of university-owned, research-based knowledge.
The licensing procedures and related templates cover all EdUHK’s IPs, whether partially or wholly, are owned by EdUHK regardless of the funding sources. These IPs includes but not limited to patents, copyrights, trademarks, designs and trade secrets, etc.
The KT Sub-office will administer EdUHK’s licensing process and coordinate with Finance Office on licensing terms review.

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