Green Tech Fund (GTF)

The Government announced in the 2020-21 Budget that HK$200 million would be allocated for setting up the new GTF to provide better and more focused funding support for the R&D and application of decarbonisation and green technologies, so as to expedite low-carbon transformation and enhance environmental protection in Hong Kong. GTF normally invites two rounds of application each year.
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The Environment and Conservation Fund - Environmental Research, Technology Demonstration and Conference

The Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) was set up by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to provide funding support for educational, research and other projects and activities in relation to environmental and conservation matters. The objectives are to promote individual behavioural and life style changes to achieve sustainable development, and develop or introduce innovative technologies and practices to improve our environment and conserve resources.  Environmental Research, Technology Demonstration and Conference (RTDC) is one of the key funding schemes.
Environmental Research and Technology Demonstration projects should have contributions in a direct and practical way towards environmental improvement and conservation of the local environment and should not be too theoretical in nature. They include the introduction and development of new technologies, such as technology on waste minimisation and recycling.
For technology demonstration projects in particular, projects should promote and encourage the adoption of technologies by different sectors in Hong Kong. The benefits must accrue to one or more industries, and not just to individua l companies. Successful projects should be publicised so as to disseminate the results of completed projects and to ensure widespread adoption of the technologies by relevant sectors.
International conferences should facilitate exchange of best practices, expertise and experience on environmental and conservation issues and raise Hong Kong’s profile as a leading green city.
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