Silicon Valley International Invention Festival (SVIIF)

The Silicon Valley International Invention Festival (SVIIF) strives to make state-of-the-art inventions known around the world by providing a unique opportunity for inventors to market their inventions not only overseas but also within the American market.  With a high attendance of multi-national companies, investors, entrepreneurs, and financiers, SVIIF has become a platform on which inventors, industries, and businesses can explore opportunities for collaboration and commercialization of their innovations.
Hong Kong institutions participated in this global event for the first time in 2019. EdUHK showcased three outstanding research outputs and won a Gold Medal, two Silver Medals and a Special Award. 
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List of Award-winning Projects:

Data-driven Chinese Language Learning and Teaching with a Cantonese Corpus Dr Andy Chin Chi-on
Department of Linguistics and Modern Language Studies
Gold Medal

Special Award
An Automated System for Tracking Student Responses to Teacher Feedback Dr Gary Cheng Kwok-shing
Department of Mathematics and Information Technology
Silver Medal
Computerised Task-Switching Training for Enhancing Executive Functioning of Children Living in Poverty Dr Kean Poon Kei-yan*
Department of Special Education and Counselling

Professor Chou Kee-lee; Dr Kevin Cheung Chi-kin
Department of Asian and Policy Studies
Silver Medal