EDuce envisions to build a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem for The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) community, supporting entrepreneurs to commercialize their innovative start-up ideas and research projects into sustainable enterprises, and working together with strategic stakeholders to make an impact on society.
To provide all-rounded support to EdUHK innovators and entrepreneurs, EDuce hosted Centre for Entrepreneurship and Research (CEAR), Education+ And Social Entrepreneurs Fund (EASE Fund) and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Student Talent Development Program (INVESTED Program). We empower our talents in their entrepreneurial journey with training, consultation and mentorship services, access to investor networks, fast track to renowned incubators, and more.

From Left:
Ms Wong Suet Ying (Project Assistant)
Ms Debbie Lam (Project Officer)
Ms Esther Cheng (Manager)
Mr Li Chak Loi Edwin (Assistant Entrepreneurship Development Manager)