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夥伴學校計劃 Partnership Scheme 2021-22


與學校結為緊密夥伴,透過實習為教育專業準備及培育新一代教師,使教學專業薪火相傳。To develop and maintain strong partnership with schools in preparing students through field experience.


資格 Eligibility

  • 本地中小學 Local Primary / Secondary schools
  • 接受3位或以上(中學) / 4位或以上(小學)[4] 本校學生到校實習 Offer teaching practice opportunity to a minimum of 3 (Sec.) / 4 (Pri.) [4] EdUHK students

如何參加 How to join

  • 填妥回條並傳真或電郵至本處 Complete and return the reply proforma to us by fax or email.
  • 本校將於2021年5月以書面回覆成功參加計劃之學校 Confirmation letter will be sent to eligible schools by May 2021


夥伴學校可獲以下服務 Partnership schools will enjoy the following offer(s)

  • 免費申請四張本校圖書館閱覽證 Four EdUHK library reader cards for free; 及 &
  • 可選擇以下其中一項 One of: 1) 一次兩小時到校專題講座/工作坊[1] a 2-hour on-site seminar / workshop [1] 2) 行政及指導費[2] (每位學生HK$650[3] ) administration and consultation fee[2] (HK$650 per student[3])
  • 備註Notes:
  • [1] 詳情請參閱附件 Please see appendix for details.
  • [2] 行政及指導費為支付本校學生導師或其他活動支出的費用。如需本校協助物色學生導師,請與我們聯絡。安排視乎有否學生能配對至該項活動而定。
  • The administration and consultation fee is the expense of tutor fee in appointment of EdUHK student(s) or other activities. Please 
  • contact us for any request for student mentor(s) to support schools’ activities. Actual arrangement depends on the availability of 
  • student mentor(s.
  • [3] 行政及指導費金額以8名學生作結算上限,並以最終編配到校進行教學實習的學生人數為準。金額將於2022年3月以支票形式郵寄至學校。學校毋須向
  • 本校申報有關費用支出用途。The calculation of administration and consultation fee is cap at 8 students and according to the actual no. 
  • of students placed to your school of the academic year. The fee will make payable to schools by cheque by mail around March 
  • 2022. Schools are not required to declare the expense details to the University.
  • [4] 學位教師教育深造文憑(一年全日制)(PGDE)課程非英文或普通話主修的學生將於上及下學期到校實習。因此,該學生於此計劃下將作2名學生計算。1-
  • year full time PGDE non-English / Putonghua major students will conduct the block practice in 2 blocks in Semester One and Two 
  • respectively. 2 headcounts will therefore be counted for accepting one of those students.