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The Education University of Hong Kong Tai Po Campus
A. Cho Kwai Chee Foundation Building (CKCF Building)

  • Alumni Affairs and Development Office(校友及拓展事務處)
  • Communications Office(傳訊處)
  • Estates Office(物業處)
  • Finance Office(財務處)
  • Health Centre(保健中心)
  • Human Resources Office(人力資源處)
  • Indoor Car Park(室內停車場)
  • Information Centre(諮詢中心)
  • G/F-08
  • Global Affairs Office(環球事務處)
  • Offices of the President(校長室)
  • Registry(教務處)
  • Security Control Centre(保安控制中心)
  • Student Affairs Office(學生事務處)
B. Academic Building - South Wing (Block B) (教學大樓—南翼)

  • Art Gallery(文化與創意藝術學系展覽廳)
  • Arthur Samy Language Learning Centre(沈艾達語文研習中心)
  • Assessment Research Centre(評估研究中心)
  • Centre for Language in Education(語文教育中心)
  • International Research Centre for Cultural Studies(文化研究國際中心)
  • Centre for Religious and Spirituality Education and Quiet Room(宗教教育與心靈教育中心及靜室)
  • Centre for Psychosocial Health(社群心理健康研究中心)
  • CKC Centre for the Development of Information Technology in Chinese Language Teaching(縱橫資訊科技語文發展中心)
  • Departmental Offices(各學系辦公室)
  • Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences(博文及社會科學學院)
  • Faculty of Humanities(人文學院)
  • General Education Office(通識教育事務處)
  • Graduate School(研究生院)
  • Office of the Chief Information Officer(資訊科技總監辦公室)
  • Research Centre for Chinese Literature and Literary Culture(中國文學文化研究中心)
  • Resource Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies and Experiential Learning(跨學科及體驗式學習資源中心)
  • Student Affairs Office - Wo Foo Whole Person Development Centre(學生事務處 — 和富全人發展中心)
C. Central Facilities Building (Block C)(中央大樓)

  • Central Plaza(中央廣場)
  • Coffee Corner(咖啡閣)
  • Mong Man Wai Library(蒙民偉圖書館)
  • Canteen(飯堂)
  • Convenience Shop(便利店)
  • Bank of China(中國銀行)
  • Learning Commons(學習共享)
D. Academic Building - North Wing (Block D)(教學大樓—北翼)

  • Centre for Brain and Education(腦神經科學與教育研究中心)
  • Centre for Child and Family Science(兒童與家庭科學中心)
  • Centre for Education in Environmental Sustainability(可持續發展教育中心)
  • Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching(卓越教學發展中心)
  • Centre for Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Education(特殊學習需要與融合教育中心)
  • Departmental Offices(各學系辦公室)
  • Integrated Centre for Wellbeing (I-WELL Centre)(整全成長發展中心)
  • Faculty of Education and Human Development(教育及人類發展學院)
  • Research and Development Office(研究與發展事務處)
  • School Partnership and Field Experience Office(學校協作及體驗事務處)
  • Hong Kong Museum of Education(香港教育博物館)
  • The Joseph Lau Luen Hung Charitable Trust Asia Pacific Centre for Leadership and Change(劉鑾雄慈善基金亞太領導與變革研究中心)
E. Amenities and Sports Complex (Block E)(文康運動綜合大樓)

  • Coding Education Unit(編程教育部)
  • Conference Centre(會議中心)
  • Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology(教學科技中心)
  • EdUHK Christian Faith and Development Centre(香港教育大學基督教信仰與發展中心)
  • Telephone Laboratory of The Academy of Hong Kong Studies(香港研究學院民調中心)
  • The Academy of Hong Kong Studies(香港研究學院)
Location Map of EdUHK 香港教育大學位置圖

地址: 香港新界大埔露屏路十號
Address: 10 Lo Ping Road, Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong
  • 九巴74K巴士來往港鐵大埔墟站及三門仔途經教大(中午12時前,從大埔墟站先到香港教育大學;中午12時後, 先往三門仔再到香港教育大學)
  • 公共專線小巴26號來往大埔校園及馬鞍山海柏花園
  • 公共專線小巴26A號輔助線,往來大埔校園至大埔元洲仔(循環線),服務時間週一至五每日上午7:30至9:30以及下午5:30至8:30
Public Transport:
  • KMB No. 74K from Tai Po Market MTR Station to Sam Mun Tsai via Tai Po Campus (before 12:00 n.n. the bus will call at Tai Po Campus and after 12:00 n.n. will go to Sam Mun Tsai first before calling at Tai Po Campus)
  • Green Minibus No. 26 from Tai Po Campus to Bayshore Towers, Ma On Shan and vice versa
  • Green Minibus No. 26A from Tai Po Campus to Yuen Chau Tsai, Tai Po circular service (7:30 am to 9:30 am & 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm, Monday through Friday)
  • 穿梭巴士來往大埔校園及香港教育大學運動中心
  • 穿梭巴士來往大埔校園及港鐵大學站
Shuttle Bus Services:
  • Shuttle Bus from Tai Po Campus to EdUHK Sports Centre and vice versa
  • Shuttle Bus from Tai Po Campus to University MTR Station and vice versa
Location Map of EdUHK Tseung Kwan O Study Centre 香港教育大學將軍澳教學中心位置圖

地址 : 新界將軍澳敬賢里1號
Address : No. 1, King Yin Lane, Tseung Kwan O, New Territories
公共交通 Public Transport
Bus Information
  • 九巴 KMB 290, 290A, 296M, 297, 690, 91M, 93A, 93K, 93M#, 98A*, 98C, 98D, 98P#, 98S#
  • 新巴 NWFB 694, 798
  • 城巴 CTB A29, E22A, E22C#, E22S#
Minibus Information
105, 106, 107*, 111, 115, 12, 12A#, 15, 15A#, 15P#, 16, 17M

Note : * 循環線 Circular
# 平日特別路線 Weekday Special Despatch

Location Map of EdUHK North Point Study Centre 香港教育大學北角教學中心位置圖

如欲查詢更多九巴資料,請電 2745 4466 或瀏覽網址:www.kmb.hk
For more information about the KMB routes, you may dial 2745 4466 or visit the website: www.kmb.hk
如欲查詢更多新巴資料,請電 2136 8888 或瀏覽網址:www.bravobus.com.hk/
For more information about the NWFB routes, you may dial 2136 8888 or visit the website: www.bravobus.com.hk/
如欲查詢更多城巴資料,請電 2873 0818 或瀏覽網址:www.bravobus.com.hk/
For more information about the CTB routes, you may dial 2873 0818 or visit the website: www.bravobus.com.hk/
如欲查詢更多小巴資料,請瀏覽網址:www.hkemobility.gov.hk www.16seats.net
For more information about the minibus routes, you may visit the website: www.hkemobility.gov.hk or www.16seats.net
For more information about the MTR routes, you may visit the website: www.mtr.com.hk/ch/customer/main/index.html