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Our Vision
We will further enhance our role as a leading university in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond, with a focus on educational research, development and innovation. We will continue to raise our profile and impact locally, regionally and internationally through our high-quality research and scholarship. We are committed to nurturing outstanding and caring educators and professionals who contribute constructively to sustainable social and economic development in Hong Kong and beyond.
Our Mission
Committed to the Education-plus approach, our primary mission is to lead educational innovation, and to promote and support the strategic development of teaching, teacher education and disciplines complementary to education by preparing outstanding and morally responsible educators and professionals while supporting their lifelong learning.
We will:

  • provide a multidisciplinary learning and research environment beyond education that is conducive to intellectual pursuits, free thinking and speech, advocacy of policy and practice, and the promotion of collaboration and diversity;
  • enhance professional teacher and teaching education programmes and programmes in disciplines complementary to education with innovative curricula which will enrich students’ experiences and enable them to realise their personal potential as well as their educational and career goals;
  • prepare our students to become educators and professionals who can integrate theory and practice, and who are creative, innovative, intellectually active, entrepreneurial, socially caring and globally aware;
  • foster a vibrant research culture and environment which contributes to the advancement of knowledge, scholarship and innovation, with a sustainable impact on social progress and human betterment; and
  • engage in knowledge transfer activities which contribute to the development of the University and the wider community while serving the needs of educational and social development locally, regionally and internationally.

Our Core Values

  • Professionalism
  • Innovation
  • Moral responsibility
  • Societal caring
  • Global awareness