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Summer Cultural Exchange Programme (NUE)

Summer Cultural Exchange Programme (Nara University of Education)


The NUE Summer Cultural Exchange Programme is inviting EduHK students to apply for a 9-day exchange tour to Nara University of Education!



1. Objectives

To provide students with an immersive experience, allowing them to interact with Japanese students, visit schools, explore cultural and historical sites, and museums. The aim is to enhance their understanding of Japanese culture, promote mutual understanding, and foster academic collaboration between the students and faculties of both institutions.

2. Participants


Both NUE and EdUHK will select 16 students each as representatives to participate in the programme.


3. Dates and Events


- Japan Study Tour  
Students will visit NUE and participate in a 4-day cultural programme, followed by a 4-day guided tour in Kyoto. The dates are from July 4th to July 12th, 2024.


- Shiga U Students Visiting EdUHK
Students from NUE University will visit EduHK in February 2025 (Dates to be confirmed). 


4. Language Usage


  The language of communication during the NUE programme will be Japanese, while Cantonese will be used during the Kyoto tour.

5. Expenditure and Subsidy


 The 4-day cultural study programme provided by NUE is free of charge. However, participants are responsible for covering expenses such as airfare, transportation, accommodation, meal expenses, and workshop/entrance fees. The estimated total expenditure per person is expected to be around HKD $14,000 to $16,000. Students can apply for the GLEF (Global Learning Enhancement Fund), which, upon approval, can cover up to a maximum of 50% (Maximum HK$10,000) of their expenses.


6. Eligibility 


  • This programme is open to full-time undergraduate students of EdUHK in the 2023-24 academic year.
  • Japanese language proficiency is not a requirement, but basic communication ability is advised.
  • Attendees will be expected to present on a topic (in either English or Japanese), write a personal reflection report, and volunteer to assist during the visit of NUE students in February 2025.


7. Tentative Schedule (will be updated soon)





Travel to Nara, check-in hotel, briefing


  • Welcome Ceremony, Campus Tour
  • Visit to an Elementary School (Class Observation, School Lunch with children, and classroom cleaning)
  • Explore Shin-Yakushiji Temple 新薬師寺 and Takahata Town 高畑町


  • Lecture by Professor Shinichi Watanabe (Sociology)
  • Visit Kasuga Shrine 春日神社, Nara Park and

Todaiji Temple 東大寺


Visit National Museum of Ethnology 国立民族学博物館


Presentation and fairwell ceremony


  • Departure to Kyoto, visit Municipal Museum of School History 学校歴史博物館, sake brewery in Kyoto


  • Kitano Tenmangu Shinto shrine 北野天満宮(The god of Scholarship), workshop of making traditional Kyoto Wagashi 八つ橋作り体験


Zazen meditation in Nijojo 二条城, 清水寺(TBC),

Kaiseki haute cuisine experience


Check-out, debriefing, transportation


8. Application and Enquiry


Application Form


For Enquiry, send email to
        Charles C. Chen, Jr.
        Japanese Programme Coordinator
        Department of Linguistics and Modern Language Studies 


9. Application Deadline


7 June 2024 (Friday)


10. Other Information

Global Learning Enhancement Fund (GLEF)


Website of Nara University of Education (NUE)


Organized by 
Japanese Studies, Department of Linguistics and Modern Language Studies