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Vision & Mission



The Department of Linguistics and Modern Language Studies aspires to play a leading role in the study of linguistics in the region, producing high quality graduates and scholars well versed in language studies in multilingual settings incorporating language technology. The focus is on the scientific study of human language and the creation of a multidisciplinary research culture in areas such as language technology, digital humanities for Cantonese, corpus linguistics, clinical linguistics, language in society, language learning and acquisition, multilingual education, and translation studies. We are also committed to the promotion of modern language learning as a response to increasing globalisation and cross-cultural communication.




  • To offer high quality courses/programmes in linguistics and modern languages for developing professional knowledge and advanced communication skills in our students to prepare them to become educators and professionals in various fields;
  • To foster and to equip our students with an in-depth knowledge of human language system and its interdependency between thought and culture;
  • To promote scientific inquiry of human languages, their learning and their use, via the publication and presentation of linguistic scholarship;
  • To enrich students’ learning experiences for the appreciation of modern languages and diversified cultures through formal and non-formal learning activities;
  • To expand collaborations and links with regional and international partners in research and practices, particularly in areas such as language learning and acquisition, and digital humanities in language;
  • To engage in knowledge transfer activities to enhance the impact of the scientific study of language on society.