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Aims of the Minor


This Minor is designed to develop students’ Chinese and English translation skills, strengthen their Chinese and English language proficiency, enhance their cultural awareness and train them to become bilingual communicators. It also aims to widen students’ interdisciplinary horizons and broaden their career options.


Learning Outcomes


Upon successful completion of the requirement for the Minor in Translation, students will be able to:


PILO1: demonstrate foundational knowledge and skills required for written translation jobs in related professional fields;

PILO2: show a good level of Chinese and English language competence to appreciate Chinese and English as two languages with distinct features so as to overcome practical language problems in translation; and

PILO3: perform as effective bilingual communicators capable of upholding ethical values to produce translated texts.

Minor Requirements (15 CPs)

This Minor is open to all undergraduate students. To declare the Minor, students are required to take 3 core courses plus 2 elective courses from the following list:


DomainCourse CodeCourse TitleCPs
CoreLIN 3015 *Introduction to Translation3
LIN 3016Contrastive Analysis of Languages and Translation3
LIN 3023Practical Translation3
(Choose any 2 courses)

LIN 3031Culture and Translation3
ENG 2336 +Intercultural Communication3
CHI 2450語言傳播的理論與應用3
CHI 3565 $漢語修辭學3
CHI 3452篇章語言分析3
ENG 3344 %Chinese-English Contrastive Grammar3
ENG 4269 %Comparative Language Studies3
ENG 2325 ˅English Grammar I3
ENG 3329 ˅    English Grammar II3
LIT 3011Chinese Literature in English Translation3
LIT 4021Comparative Study of Chinese and Western Literature3

Note: The courses listed below are Major (Core)/Common Core courses for the programmes concerned and are thus not applicable for students in these programmes to declare the Minor due to the double-counting policy stipulated by FHM.

*    Not applicable for both Chinese and English majors of BA(Lang Studies) students [2015-19 cohort and onwards]. Students concerned are required to take 1 more elective (total 3 electives) as substitution.
+    Not applicable for both Chinese and English Majors of BA(Lang Studies) and BA(TCSL) students.
$    Not applicable for BA(Lang Studies) Chinese Major and BEd(CL)
%    Not applicable for both Chinese and English Majors of BA(Lang Studies) students [2014-18 cohort and before] and BA(TCSL) Students. For students in both Chinese and English Majors of BA(Lang Studies) [2015-19 cohort and onwards] and other programmes, you could choose either ENG3344 or ENG4269 as elective.
˅    Not applicable for BEd(EL) and BA(Lang Studies) English Major students.
♦    Not applicable for both Chinese and English Majors of BA(Lang Studies) students.


Departmental Coordinator

Dr Liu Fung Ming Christy

Tel: 2948 7887



Student Enquiry

Ms Teresa Yeung

Tel: 2948 7263