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Teaching & Learning Projects

Internal research funding

Central Reserve Allocation Committee, EdUHK
Staff nameCapacityProject titleDuration
Dr KATAOKA ShinPIEmpowering Multilingual and Multicultural Education in the Digital Age2020-2022
Ms YOON Sung Hee Co-I
Dr LEE Kwing Lok Albert    Co-I
Dr LUK Pei Sui ZoeCo-I
Mr CHEN Charles Chun JrCo-I
Dr WANG LixunPIBlended Learning for University Enhancement II (BLUE Phase II)2019-2021
Prof CHEUNG Hin TatCo-I
Dr LEE Kwing LokCo-I
Dr WANG LixunPIDevelopment of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) with the theme "The English you didn't learn in school"2015-2017
Dr CHEN Hsueh Chu RebeccaCo-I
Dr CHIN Chi On AndyPIInitiatives in Digital Humanities2015-2016
Prof CHEUNG Hin TatCo-I
Dr WANG LixunCo-I
Community of Practice (CoP), EdUHK
Staff nameCapacityProject titleDuration
Dr WANG LixunPILanguage enhancement at EdUHK and beyond: Fostering a Community of Practice on technology-enhanced language learning and teaching2020-2021
Dr CHEN Hsueh Chu RebeccaCo-PI
Prof CHEUNG Hin Tat    Co-I
Dr CHIN Chi OnCo-I
Dr LEE Fung King JackieCo-I
Dr MA QingCo-I
Teaching Development Grants (TDG), EdUHK
Staff nameCapacity    Project titleDuration
Dr LIU Fung Ming ChristyPIThe development of an innovative mobile application “TransMap” for enhancing student engagement and learning translation in real-life contexts2020-2021
Dr CHEN Hsueh Chu RebeccaPIThe Use of Learners’ Spoken Corpus as a Teaching Tool in ESL Classrooms2018-2020
Dr MA QingPIEnhancement of Student Learning Outcomes: Developing Pre-service and In-service English Teachers’ Corpus Literacy Using Flipped Learning Enhanced by Mobile Technologies2018-2020
Dr WANG LixunCo-PI
Dr CHEN Hsueh Chu RebeccaCo-I
Dr LEE Fung King Jackie   


Dr WANG LixunCo-ICultivating students’ critical thinking and creativity through Web-based and classroom-based inquiry2018-2020
Dr WANG LixunPIPromoting Mobile Learning in the EdUHK and beyond through further development of a Mobile Learning Community2016-2018
Dr MA QingCo-PI
Dr CHEN Hsueh Chu RebeccaPIDeveloping a corpus-based online pronunciation learning system for Cantonese learners of Mandarin and Japanese2015-2017
Dr WANG LixunCo-I
Dr WANG LixunCo-IA Study to Collect Evidence through ePortfolios and Coursework to Demonstrate Students’ Achievement in Generic Intended Learning Outcomes (GILOs)2015-2017
Dr KATAOKA ShunPIAn online-Cantonese self-learning platform2015-2016
Dr CHIN Chi On AndyCo-I