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Dr AU, Chung To

Associate Head of Department
Assistant Professor

Dr Au Chung To’s (aka C. T. Au, 區仲桃) research interests lie in comparative Chinese modernisms and associated research topics, such as the relationship between modernism and Chinese literary traditions. Her dissertation project, published as a monograph, Modernist Aesthetics in Taiwanese Poetry since the 1950s, examined Taiwanese modernist poets’ responses to the problem of modernity: placelessness. Dr Au’s research has subsequently focused on the reception of modernisms in other geographical settings in Greater China (namely, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Macao) over the past decade. She has been awarded three General Research Fund (GRF) grants related to Chinese modernisms, in addition to other competitive research grants, by the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region since 2015. She has produced more than fifty research outputs on this area in monographs, edited volumes, peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, and conference papers.


As a comparatist, Dr Au is certain her research experience and findings enhance her teaching and enrich it with current ideas. As an instructor for the courses “Comparative Studies of Chinese and Western Literature,” “Chinese Literature in English Translation,” and “Literature in Hong Kong” in recent years, Dr Au’s objective has been to encourage independent and critical thinking in her classes, where her students develop their self-learning ability. To this end, Dr Au endeavors to promote cross-cultural appreciation. In addition to teaching undergraduate programme, she has also supervised and co-supervised PhD students.


In addition to teaching, Dr Au has numerous opportunities to serve the University. She is currently the Associate Head of Department of Literature and Cultural Studies, and the Associate Director of the Research Centre for Chinese Literature and Literary Culture.