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Knowledge Transfer

Transferring Knowledge of Virtual Classroom for Teaching Writing

This project aims:


1. To immerse students in virtual classrooms that apply different approaches to teaching writing through virtual reality technology;

2. To publish the research findings about the impact of different approaches on student learning in the virtual classroom;

3. To develop a demo for attending external exhibitions and marketing promotions based on the current virtual classroom for teaching writing established and supported by BLUE project of EdUHK;

4. To prepare materials including a handbook and online short videos, for transferring the knowledge and hand-on experience of developing virtual classroom for in-service teachers and students.

Year: 2020/21

Project Leader -


Department of English Language Education

Constructing a CSL Learner Corpus for Character-writing Error

Through collecting handwriting data by students who learn Chinese as a second language (CSL) and developing a tag-set for error-annotation, this project aims to construct a CSL learner corpus for character-writing errors, and made reachable as an online resource for researchers and educators in the field of TCSL.

Year: 2020/21

Project Leader -


Department of Chinese Language Studies

Duration: 1 May 2021 - 30 June 2022