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Knowledge Transfer

Grammar Teaching in Language Education

The project is a continuation of the Knowledge Transfer Project entitled “Grammar Teaching Resources for School Teachers”, conducted in 2014–15. In this second phase, a group of Year 4 BEd(EL) students will be given opportunities to apply their pedagogical learning to real practice. Their task is to evaluate how grammar is presented and practised in some contemporary grammar books. The project team will meet regularly to discuss how to adapt the textbook materials and design their own instructional materials, which will be uploaded on a website for public sharing. The project also aims to promote contemporary grammar teaching methods to teachers in neighbouring regions. A seminar will be conducted by the project team in Foshan, China, and lesson tryouts will be conducted in Sarasas Ektra School, Bangkok.

Year: 2015/16

Project Leader -

Dr LEE Fung King Jackie

Department of Linguistics and Modern Language Studies

Knowledge and Preservation of Hong Kong History and Culture

This project aims to:


  1. stimulate local students in learning Hong Kong history and culture;
  2. strengthen local teachers’ awareness of history in teaching Hong Kong Studies;
  3. help current and future history teachers in incorporating field visits and developing activities in history curriculum;
  4. introduce recent research trend and current issues in the field of Hong Kong history and provide useful reference for teaching and learning history; and
  5. enhance student's critical thinking skills in regards to current issues concerning history, culture, the local community, the nation and the world.

The above objectives are developed in accordance with the new Bachelor of Education in History, which aims at promoting the value of and enhancing the quality of history education.

Year: 2015/16

Project Leader -

Dr KANG Jong Hyuk David

Department of Literature and Cultural Studies

小學伙伴協作計劃: 課改深化工作─利用評估數據改善教學

本計劃的重點在協助教師有效地運用教學評估,掌握運用評估數據改善學與教效能的技術。在協作計劃開展期間,團隊將以課程規劃 與教材建設為基礎進行校本評估的協作活動,並就校本語文課程開發與教材建設、普通話教中文、非華語學生學習中文等發展校本評估,引領教師善用評估結果來改善教學,提升學與教活動的效益。

Year: 2015/16

Project Leader -

Dr CHEUNG Sau Hung

Department of Chinese Language Studies

Duration: 1 Jan 2016 - 31 Dec 2016