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Knowledge Transfer

Promotion of Corpus Linguistics Research at LML Community Outreach: Public Lecture Series

The KT project aims to:


  1. Introduce and showcase the various linguistic corpora and relevant corpus linguistic tools developed at LML, and their potential values in text-based humanity research;
  2. Introduce to the target participants the relevant methodology and challenges in undertaking corpus-based research, especially on the Chinese language; and
  3. Enhance professional development of target participants by elevating their sensitiveness and awareness in using authentic and natural language materials in humanity research.

Year: 2012/13

Project Leader -

Dr CHIN Chi On Andy

Department of Linguistics and Modern Language Studies




  1. 將口語溝通能力研究之成果及專業知識融合於社會語文教育中;
  2. 持續發展更公平、更適切的口語溝通能力評審準則;
  3. 加強在職教師對現存口語溝通能力評審準則的了解;
  4. 提昇準教師(本院主修中文之學生)對口語評審準則的了解及強化專業成長的歷程;
  5. 在職教師通過同儕交流,提昇評鑑能力,開拓更專業的發展;
  6. 教師們能實踐口語溝通能力評審之技巧,並協助學生提昇理性溝通的能力;及
  7. 持續推動有關口語溝通能力評審的研究發展。

Year: 2012/13

Project Leader -

Dr FUNG Shu Fun

Department of Literature and Cultural Studies