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Teaching Award 2020/21 Winners


Congratulations to the 7 winners of the Faculty Teaching Award 2020/21!

Faculty Teaching Award

General Faculty Member:

  • Dr Fong Wai Tsz Ricci, C&I

Certificate of Merit under Faculty Teaching Award Scheme

General Faculty Member:

  • Mr Cho Hoi On Andy, PS
  • Dr Leung Nga Man Angel, PS
  • Dr Yung Wai Ho Kevin, C&I

Early Career Faculty Member:

  • Dr Tso Ricky Van Yip, PS

Certificate of Merit under FEHD Leaders of Learning Award Scheme

  • Dr Hu Xinyun Annie, ECE
  • Dr Zhang Yuefeng Ellen, C&I

As the teaching awards illustrates, FEHD is always looking for new and creative ways to enhance student learning experience. We strive to take learning and teaching to the NEXT LEVEL.