World-leading Academics Speak at FEHD - 最新動向 - 教大教育及人類發展學院




World-leading Academics Speak at FEHD


FEHD will host some of the world's leading Education academics as part of its new online lecture series launched this month. The Distinguished Visiting Professors Online Series will see top scholars cover education in the post-COVID world, educational policy and teaching practice, science of learning and development, and shared education. 

Professor Yong Zhao, of the University of Kansas and University of Melbourne, kicked off the series with his lecture, Education Post-COVID: Changes We Need.

Looking at the Post-COVID educational landscape, Professor Zhao argued for three principles of education change: personalization, product-orientation, and global connection. He argued that schools and universities should strive to produce a personalized education which prepares students to identify problems and solutions; an education that connects people globally, allowing students to learn without boundaries.

Professor Zhao’s lecture was followed by a discussion of how his ideas relate to Hong Kong Education today. The panel examined how schools could use blended learning to balance different kinds of knowledge and developing generic skills and positive values, and asked how schools could provide multiple pathways for students with different talent.

The panel made up of Professor John Lee, Chair Professor of Curriculum and Instruction and UNESCO Chair in Regional Education Development and Lifelong Learning of EdUHK, Dr Choi Tae Hee, Associate Professor of EdUHK, Dr Kevin Yung, Assistant Professor of EdUHK and Ms Sylvia Chan, Principal of Ying Wa Primary School.

The next lecture video will be released in May. To learn more about the series, please click here.

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As the Distinguished Visiting Professors Online Series illustrates, FEHD encourages continuous learning for educators, researchers, teachers and students.