FEHD is the best place for Chile scholars to reflect on school leadership training - 最新動向 - 教大教育及人類發展學院




FEHD is the best place for Chile scholars to reflect on school leadership training


An academic from the Faculty of Education of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, and a candidate for a PhD in Education, from the same Faculty, visit EdUHK to see how educational practices can be transferred from Hong Kong to Chile.

Associate Professor Dr Paulo Volante Beach won a competitive grant from Beca Santander UC Top China which enabled him to work with FEHD’s Department of Educational Policy and Leadership.

“I was so impressed by the research at EdUHK,” said Dr. Volante. “Its researchers come from different parts of the world, and it blends local knowledge into global wisdom. If we can also take our local wisdom and view it in a global context then I believe it will be the cornerstone of our future success.” Paulo said.

Paulo and PhD student Mr Ricardo Sepulveda aim to look at 3 things whilst at EdUHK.

First, they want to find ways to generalize good practices transferrable to Chile, and use them to train Chilean school leaders.

Second, they wish to aid future strategic exchanges of expertise, experience and students between the two universities.

Third, they will work with Dr Elson Szeto on a report that compares school leadership training between Chile and Hong Kong.

“It marks a good start for me to work with Paulo and Richardo,” said Dr Szeto. “Leadership training has so much to do with cultural background. It will certainly add another dimension for us to look at the issue in different continents.”

As this academic exchange illustrates, FEHD encourages innovative research that helps school leaders and policy administrators internationally. By allowing our staff the freedom to focus on their work, we seek to raise what we do to the NEXT LEVEL.