EdUHK graduate’s journey to become speech therapist - 最新動向 - 教大教育及人類發展學院




EdUHK graduate’s journey to become speech therapist


Rhoda Chiu graduated from the Master of Science in Educational Speech-Language Pathology and Learning Disabilities at EdUHK last year. She now works as a children’s speech therapist. 

“When I meet people and tell them I’m a speech therapist, they often say things like ‘Oh, I better watch my pronunciation.’” Rhoda said.

“But actually, speech therapists don’t only look at pronunciation or articulation. We look at a person’s swallowing ability and their ability to communicate throughout their lifespan.”

“Communication can be affected by wide range of factors. Besides anatomical and physiological structure, a speech therapist must also look at the pathology, social, psychological and personal factors, in order to provide an accurate assessment and treatment for the patient.” Rhoda added.

The programme trains clinical professionals to care for a wide spectrum of patients. The one-year intensive practicum training was a real eye-opening opportunity for Rhoda.

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As Rhoda’s journey illustrates, we strive to encourage students in everything that they do – be it in their practicum or their professional endeavours. By giving our students the skills and support they need to succeed we seek to raise their lives to the NEXT LEVEL.