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SEN students conquer BASE challenge


Students with visual impairment, ADHD and learning disabilities joined forces with mainstream school students to solve a 9-square maze invented by students from BA in Special Education (BASE). Thanks to the Extension Scout for involving BASE students for the first time in this meaningful Inclusive Challenge 2019.

“How can the visually impaired feel the paths of the square maze on the floor? We had to go the extra mile. We used thick adhesive floor stickers so that the paths could be more easily felt by visually impaired.” Vicky, Chairlady of Special Education Students Association (SESA) said.

“How to break the ice between the mainstream and special students? To work out the game together, we had to encourage them to communicate with their five senses.  We are glad to see they held hands and helped each other.” Huey, External Vice President of SESA added.

“We have to strike a balance to implement integrated education. On one hand, we hope mainstream students can acquire knowledge at their own pace. On the other hand, we must cater for the learning needs of special students.  Winning the game is not the ultimate goal. What matters most is the way they appreciate the individual differences.  So, we strive to foster their mutual understanding.” Claudia, Internal Vice-President of SESA told.

“While we tried our best to plan ahead, we must still allow room for adjustments. For example, whilst our game has preset the correct paths for solving a maze, we also allow our participants to customize their maze by creating their desired paths. Then they could designate their own level of difficulty.” Ally, Promotion Officer of SESA shared.