FEHD launches second Distinguished Visiting Professors lecture 2022


Professor Iram Siraj, of the University of Oxford, will give FEHD's second Distinguished Visiting Professors Online lecture 2022 in June.

The lecture, The Characteristics of Effective Cross-cultural Professional Development for Early Childhood Educators: Using RCT Cases from NSW Australia and Shenzhen China, explores what factors make professional development effective for early childhood educators.

Professor Siraj will look at active learning, opportunities for reflection, access to expert knowledge, and a focus on children’s progression and formative assessment. She will also explore the benefits of professional development in terms of  personal growth, improved pedagogy and better understanding of the socio-emotional needs of students. 

The lecture is followed by a discussion about how her ideas might translate to the social service sector and pre-service training of early childhood educators in Hong Kong. The panel also discusses the sustainability of a successfully professional development programme in the future. 

The panel includes:

  • Professor Kerry Lee, Professor, EdUHK
  • Dr Bautista Alfredo, Associate Professor, EdUHK
  • Dr Sun Jin, Assistant Professor, EdUHK
  • Ms Mary Wong, Community Services Manager, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (Early Childhood Services)

The next lecture will be released in June. To learn more about the series, please click here.