EdUHK Student Handbook

The electronic Student Handbook provides online information on academic matters, financial issues and various information concerning your study at the University. For details, please click here.

Programme websites

Visit the website of your study programme to obtain the latest programme news and programme handbook.

Programme Code Programme
C2M004 Executive Master of Arts in International Educational Leadership and Change
A1M089 / C2M021 Master of Arts in Child and Family Education
C2M013 Master of Arts in Educational Counselling
A1M107 / C2M037 Master of Arts in Global Studies in Education
A1M102  / C2M033  Master of Arts in Leading Experiential Learning Activities
A2M080 Master of Science in Educational Speech-Language Pathology and Learning Disabilities
A1M083 / C2M017 Master of Social Sciences in Psychology (Schools and Community Settings)
A1M087 / C2M019 Master of Teaching
A1M100 / C2M031 Master of Arts in Positive Psychology in Education
A1P018 / C2P040 Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Early Childhood Education)
C2P041 Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Professional and Vocational Education)

Resources for Doctoral Students

We have developed a set of online resources to support postgraduate students preparing research proposals or undertaking doctoral research. The project consists of a website with nearly 200 short videos. The videos can be viewed on a PC, tablet or mobile phone. The website is best viewed using Internet Explorer version 11, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Learn more.