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FEHD Innovation Hub

FEHD Innovation Hub

The FEHD Innovation Hub is a one-stop information centre for sharing resources and innovative practices of learning and teaching to enhance students' learning experiences through formal and non-formal learning opportunities.  In line with the University’s strategic development and the Faculty Strategy 2022-2025, the resources showcased in the FEHD Innovation Hub focus on three themes, namely "Virtual Teaching and Learning", "Authentic Learning Experience", and "Global, Regional, and National Perspectives". Visitors of the Hub will be able to: 

  • Explore a wide range of innovative e-Learning projects, stories, and e-Learning packages that can be used in relevant courses to enhance teaching effectiveness and engage students in interactive virtual teaching and learning environments. 
  • Gain insights into successful authentic learning activities, including field-based learning, experiential learning, entrepreneurship and innovation, and research-based learning. The information shared can provide valuable ideas and good practices that can be adopted across disciplines.
  • Learn more about the diverse learning experiences that have been offered to students through international study tours and internships, and discover strategies that can cultivate students' global, regional, and national perspectives, including their cultural sensitivity and international outlook. 

To learn more: https://www.eduhk.hk/fehdinnovationhub