FEHD launches its second Distinguished Visiting Professors lecture - Highlights - Faculty of Education and Human Development, EdUHK


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FEHD launches its second Distinguished Visiting Professors lecture


Professor James Spillane, of Northwestern University in Chicago, will give FEHD's second Distinguished Visiting Professors Online lecture.

Professor Spillane’s talk, Educational Policy and Teaching Practice: Engaging the Challenge of Educational Systems Building, examines the relationship between policy and teaching practice. 

Drawing on empirical research carried out in the United States, Prof Spillane outlines in the importance of educational infrastructure to improved student outcomes. He also discusses the challenges of educational system building during the pandemic.

Professor Spillane’s lecture is followed by a discussion about how his ideas might translate to education in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

The panel discusses the sustainability of education innovation in Hong Kong's schools, the importance of context to local educational reform and the growing need for system-supported professional networks to leverage better ways of learning and teaching.

The panel includes:

  • Professor Allan Walker, Adjunct Chair Professor, EdUHK, 
  • Dr Darren Bryant, Associate Professor,  EdUHK
  • Dr Qian Haiyan, Associate Professor, EdUHK 
  • Dr Anissa Chan, Former Chairperson of Task Force on Review of School Curriculum of The Government of the HKSAR.

The next lecture will be released in June. To learn more about the series, please click here.