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Dr Kean Poon's counselling services get go ahead after huge grant win


SEC's Dr Kean Poon has been awarded a HK$2.8M grant by HSBC Private Banking and Asian Charity Services.

The grant will enable Dr Poon’s project, Mind and Study Matter, to provide quality tutoring and counselling support for students from low income families, and with confirmed or suspected mental illness.

250 university students and fresh graduates are to be recruited as tutors. They'll receive online training from experts in counselling and teaching, as well as mental health. The tutors will then provide tutoring and counselling to over 400 secondary students with psychological needs under the close supervision of psychologists.

“Due to a lack of awareness and fear of being stigmatized, many students refuse to seek professional help for their mental illness. Online tutoring and counselling services are a great entry point to screen for, and intervene in, mental health challenges,” said Dr Poon. “It's also great for our university students: they'll gain hands-on experience in psychological rehabilitation, which is fantastic for their future careers.”

As Dr Poon’s project illustrates, FEHD cares about the academic and emotional needs of all learners, especially those with special educational needs. We seek to raise student’s lives to the NEXT LEVEL.