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Dean's Research Awards highlight FEHD impact on society


We are pleased to announce the results of Dean’s Research Awards 2019/20.

Dean’s Research Award: Journal Articles

Dr. Chan Chun Ho Randolph, Department of Special Education and Counselling
Chan, R. C. H., & Mak, W. W. S. (2020). Liberating and empowering effects of critical reflection on collective action in LGBT and cisgender heterosexual individuals. American Journal of Community Psychology, 65(1-2), 63-77. doi: 10.1002/ajcp.12350

Dr. Li Jianbin, Departmet of Early Childhood Education
Li, J. B., Willems, Y., Stok, F. M., Deković, M., Bartels, M., & Finkenauer, C. (2019). Parenting and self-control across early to late adolescence: A three-level meta-analysis. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 14, 967–1005. doi:10.1177/1745691619863046

Dean’s Research Award: Research Engagement and Impact

Dr. Choi Tae Hee, Department of Education Policy and Leadership
Project Title: Effective policy processes for equitable quality education

Dr. Yan Zi, Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Project Tile: Synergizing teacher formative assessment and student self-assessment

The FEHD Dean’s Research Awards were established in 2015/16 to recognise publications of outstanding quality, and the impact of staff research to the development of society.

As the Dean’s research awards illustrate, our research benefits our community and society. We strive to explore new horizons and take our research to the NEXT LEVEL.