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Collaboration with International Islamic Society Hong Kong


Delegates from International Islamic Society Hong Kong visited the Faculty this month. The group, led by Mr. Md. Bazlul Quader Helal and composed of members from Africa, Bangladesh, India, and Turkey, is advising FEHD on expanding diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. 

The meeting explored collaborations that could strengthen the Faculty’s celebration of diversity among students and staff. Such collaborations included:

  • an opportunity for FEHD to join an open day at Kowloon Mosque so that the wider Muslim community know about our programmes and offers.
  • working more closely with schools that enroll students  from diverse ethnic backgrounds.
  •  mentoring support to students from diverse ethnic backgrounds.  

The Faculty began its diversity, equity and inclusion initiative in 2018. The initiative is being driven by Dr Miron Bhowmik, a specialist in the sector. 

Among other things, a safe space has been set up where students from diverse ethnic backgrounds can come and talk freely about any issues and challenges they face. The services are available to students from all faculties.    
By collaborating with the International Islamic Society Hong Kong, we aim to take our community engagement footprint to the Next Level.