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Partnership with ESF Hong Kong to Support Leadership Learning


The Department of Education Policy and Leadership (EPL) were delighted to collaborate with the English Schools Foundation (ESF) this year to support the leadership learning of new and aspiring leaders from across their 22 schools. Led by Dr. Paul Campbell, Research Assistant Professor in EPL, 30 participants from across 22 kindergartens, primary and secondary schools spent the year engaged in the 'Seeds of Leadership' programme. This programme designed by Dr. Campbell and colleagues at the ESF, enables participants to explore how teachers engage critically with the ethical and political aspects of educational leadership and management in order to navigate future leadership roles, opportunities, and positions in thoughtful, equitable, innovative, and socially just ways. At the same time, participants are encouraged to think about the practical and applied outcomes of their engagement with the ‘big questions’ of educational leadership, and consider how this relates to the varied reference points derived from their school context and experiences.

On Thursday 20th June 2024, participants came together to celebrate the end of the programme, and share their professional inquiries that they have designed as a result of the programme. This celebration was joined by programme participants, their school-based mentors, senior leaders from across the 22 schools, and colleagues from ESF Head Office. Dr. Campbell commented: 'This is a really transformative programme. It was a privilege to hear the new insights and plans directly from programme participants that reflect their new-found and critical understandings of educational leadership, what this means for their practice, and how they can use this in the pursuit of better experiences and outcomes for the communities they serve. Mentors and senior leaders from participant's schools commented on the impact this has had already on how participants are leading change within their contexts, and their success in securing new leadership roles. Well done to all participants, and a big thank you to supporting mentors and senior leaders.'