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Congratulations to Dr. Linnie Wong for her latest article in Active Learning in Higher Education


Congratulations to Dr. Linnie Wong, Assistant Professor in the EPL, for her latest article “The student voice for social justice pedagogical method: Learning outcomes and challenges” in Active Learning in Higher Education.


To create a socially just teaching method in higher education (HE), we used Fraser’s social justice framework to create a new pedagogical method called student voice for social justice (SVSJ). SVSJ emphasizes student voice and empowerment by developing a co-constructed learning space where students can influence the procedure and content of the class. Applying a participatory action research (PAR) methodology, we explore the skill development of students engaged in SVSJ. Students highlighted five primary learning outcomes (self-learning, critical thinking, knowledge generation, cognitive development, and expression of voice) in the interviews as well as challenges in implementing the model. By employing SVSJ, students’ recognition and representation of their identity groups are enhanced, and the knowledge held by them is redistributed to peers and the lecturer through active participation. In addition, they are equipped with skills that can empower them in their education and future life.

If you are interested in this topic, you may reach the article here.